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Advanced Auto-Dialer Platform

Macarena Auto-Dialer solution will turn your agents into Universal Soldiers letting them work at highest productivity level. Macarena offers its custom self-crafted smart dialing software featuring advanced cloud-based technologies that ensure safe and fast integration with CRM platforms and third-party services.
Let your agents take the fullest from each and every action with no time losses.

Improved Call Center Performance with Macarena Smart Dialing Solution


Take full control over the dialing environment. Customize or modify your dialing concept according to your business needs.


Boost your business productivity by means of Macarena customizable management instruments.


Keep an eye on the team’s productivity right from the dashboard with all stats and data in one place.

Essential Smart Dialing Features

While being the top communications service provider, Macarena has designed its exclusive custom smart dialing platform aimed at improving your call center productivity. Our Auto Dialer will help your agents to perform as many outbound calls as possible.

Intuitive Dashboard

Track all actions from a single dashboard in real time. Keep an eye on the call center stats.

Automated Dialing

Manual dialing is time-consuming and out-of-date. Our platform delivers advanced auto dialing functionality with real-time and post-sale reports.

Auto Ruling System

Let our innovative rules engine manage your business flow for you while tracking the entire leads lifecycle.

Up-Scale Lead Management

The platform lets you easily manage your leads as well as distribute them accordingly. Sort each lead out by country, status, time zone and set the responsible agent.

Generated Reports

Stay in touch with the call center stats and use reports to boost its productivity.

Secret Talks

There is no need to whisper every time you need to secretly speak to your colleague. The feature lets you communicate with colleagues even when the agent in on the phone.

Schedule Management

You may distribute the workload by hours depending on the time zone to keep focused on preferable countries and regions.

Duplicates Identification

Detecting and managing duplicate leads has never been easier before.

Real-Time Listening In

The platform makes it easy to log in and listen to the agent’s call in real time as well as log out instantly if everything runs fine.

Business Leads Are Now Gold

Each and every lead is the chance to generate revenue. Our flexible platform comes with seamless integration capabilities. Adjust any CRM to make the most of your leads.

Fast and Easy Deployment

Macarena experts are ready to guide you through the entire path of platfr0m’s deployment making the process fast, easy, and cheap.

Performance Analytics

Stay aware of the real-time and post-sale stats. Benefit from detailed reports generated by the platform as well as to conduct customized reports of your own indicating essential issues and parameters.

Flawless Web Presence

Since 2012, Macarena has been delivering its premium-quality communication services. Our smart dialer platform has gained recognition among leading companies operating in various industries. You now have a chance to join that growing community.

Adjustable Infrastructure

The solution represents dynamic architecture making it easy to customize the platform and adjust it to any business need whether you have an independent small or medium call center or a huge international corporation

Advanced cPanel

Go to your dashboard and monitor all essential insights and stats in one place. It comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface where you may assign roles and permissions to access the platform.

Scalable Platform

Macarena delivers its ultimate and scalable Auto Dialer solution for business looking for an extension. Once you have decided to go to a new level the platform is here to deliver all necessary tools and resources you might need.

Integrate Your Platform

Macarena has designed a flexible solution for call centers of any size. The platform has extended integration functionality featuring a seamless setup and smooth operation with any of the following:

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