Cloud PBX

Advanced Web-Based Cloud PBX Platform

Macarena has designed its unique Cloud PBX solution for companies despite the size. It delivers a huge feature set out of the box in addition to exclusive customization instruments to make it fit any business need. Our developers implemented the latest technologies to design our web-based platform that is scalable and easy to integrate. Track your call center stats, analyze its productivity in real time and grow your business with our scalable Cloud PBX solution.

High-End Cloud PBX Tool feat. Advanced Technology


Design your exclusive phone extensions or manage the existing ones effortlessly. Seamless maintenance and support are guaranteed.

Stay Aware

Access real-time and post-sale records. Make call records and listen or view them any time you need.


Rack all fundamental KPI rates right from the intuitive dashboard with all reports, data, and analytics in one place.

Advanced High-Tech PBX Solution

It is vital for Macarena to understand customers’ need to provide the call center solution they really need. For this reason, we use the latest technologies to design individually tailored platforms featuring up-to-date smart technologies at maximum power and capacity.

Try our PBX

Try our PBX

You are the one to assign an agent or operator to process each and every incoming calling by simple routing.

Manage Records

The platform may automatically record each call letting you access, view and listen to them whenever you need ensuring both live and post-sale control.

Manage Integrations

You are free to design as many calling routes as you might need. They may be customized and managed right from the back-office.

Automated Routing

You will hardly need assistance to handle the call routing process. The platform will do everything for you.

Redirect Calls

Define the route for incoming calls and forward them to a particular operator or agent according to the preference. The system minimizes the risk of calling queue occurrence.

Remote Access

You do not need to have all your agents working together in one place. Remote access lets you reduce the running costs while operators may work despite the location.

Risk-Free Connection

The platform ensures smooth calls procession even in case of failure. An advanced system will redirect the phone using its built-in failover tool to ensure stable connection 24/7.

Group Communication

Our solution delivers advanced conference calling capabilities whenever you need to communicate with several people at the same time at zero extra resources.

Faxing & Voice Mailing

The system is able to convert your fax messages into emails and send them to multiple addresses while voice mails are also available for Macarena users.

Target Your Audience

Create so-called hunt groups to send personalized offers and make the most out of your target audience.

Advanced Functionality

Apart from listening in agent’s calls and seamless logging out, the system also lets you whisper without interfering with your agent talking to a customer.

Multi-Location Dialing

The feature lets you set several dialing locations to ensure smooth business call redirection despite your country or region.

Integrations with CRM

The PBX is already integrated with some famous CRM systems such as:
Planfix CRM

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