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Macarena is your ultimate Sip termination provider that delivers a pack of features, affordable prices, and enough flexibility to equip call centers of any size and destination (landline or mobile). We instantly provide the capacity your business requires in addition to ultimate business practice in terms of the advanced SIP trunk.

Why Macarena is the leading VoIP Termination Provider

Trusted VoIP Services

Forget about voice delays once and for all! Macarena guarantees premium quality and stability when it comes to VoIP calls from any country from around the globe.

Professional Support Team

Our support team establishes an individual approach to every customer. Benefit from round the clock availability and eagerness to resolve any issue.

Affordable Prices

Clear pricing policy and fair billing rates are guaranteed.
**Mexico – 60/60, United States – 6/6, Gambia – 60/1

Improved Customer Loyalty and Growing Sales

Macarena delivers ultimate VoIP termination services that will improve your customers’ loyalty and increase sales. The package includes CC VoIP routes blended with our custom short duration solution that is compatible with any business despite the niche or size. A pool of experts will ensure stable calm flow and enough capacity at high-performance rate, flawless quality, professional support, and maintenance.

Does your business establish a multi-location approach? Does it crave for improved capacity due to increased volumes? No problem. Macarena VoIP termination is the best bet. Find out more by contacting our support team.

Live Control Panel

Go to your dashboard and distribute POP networks in real time.


Track performance rates and stats provided by High CPS tolerance.

Clear Billing Increments

No hidden fees or extra charges. Benefit from efficient trunk management.

Professional Support

Use multiple channels to contact support team round the clock and resolve any issue right away.

Choose a Plan and Get Your VoIP Customized by Macarena

We offer various VoIP termination packages that might be the best bet for huge call centers working at high volumes across various destinations as well as small centers requiring local DID numbers solution.
Each plan comes with advanced technologies and customized to meet all of your business requirements. Here are simple ways to get started with your VoIP termination solution:

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    Take advantage of the free trial once you have signed up.

  • Choose a Plan

    Select a package or discuss your goals and coverage with our experts.

  • Share Stats

    Share some of your stats to let us choose the best solution for you.

  • Get a Package

    Get an individually crafted package that will work out just right for you.

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