DID Numbers

DID Number for Global Presence

Macarena delivers its award-winning DID numbers solution to let you establish a global presence and keep customers aware. You may use the tool to extend your phone numbers despite the location and without POP.

Main Features of our VoIP origination DID Numbers solution

Stable Calls

You will appreciate the flawless quality and stability of the call flow.

Simple Deployment

Deploying new numbers is easy as "one, two, three". Choose, purchase, and deploy DID numbers to meet your business goals.

High-Rated Numbers

Purchase our high-rated DID numbers at affordable prices.

Worldwide Communication Outreach

We offer an endless selection of toll-free DID numbers to grow your phone list. High-rated numbers come from various locations and rate centers worldwide.

The solution makes it easier for customers to stay in touch by means of direct calls, fax or SMS services availing in 50+ different locations across the globe.

Intuitive Management System

Account management and provisioning have never been easier before!

We have designed a simplified instrument letting you manage, deploy, setup or purchase thousands of available DID numbers within a single DID portal.

How It Works

You may choose form VoIP origination options as well as local DID numbers. They are available at reasonable prices while account flexibility comes as a free telecommunication feature. The next stage consists of:

  • Advertising

    Display the DID number to your target audience in different countries.

  • Processing

    The customer decides to call while the system will automatically convert the incoming call to your VoIP.

  • Termination

    You are free to terminate the call and it is up to you how it will be terminated. We may forward it to your call center directly.

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